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Disc-Go-Mech 6

The only industrial scale solution

The DGM6 is the biggest machine in our range in terms of size, volume and speed of output.

Don't let the high price tag fool you - this is a profit making machine and it is the perfect solution for professional, high quality, high volume disc repair.

Most DGM6 owners repair many 1,000's of discs every week turning around literally tonnes of disc stock.

£55,000 ex VAT

The Consumables

Ready supply as you need it

When you invest in the DGM6, you get a service level contract with TDR ensuring the running of the machine is covered by us.

The consumables are paid at a set price per disc and that never changes so you can be sure of the cost and replenishment.

The machine records how much it uses and we also deliver overnight, so you will never be caught short of supplies.

In Summary

    • Capable of running 24/7 with limited maintenance breaks
    • Output ranges from 56 to 180 discs per hour
    • Can be managed comfortably by one operator
    • Repairs light through to heavy damage
    • Touch-screen control panel monitors quantity of discs
    • Compatible with all types of optical disc excl. Blu-ray
    • Perpetual warranty for as long as you use the machine


£55,000 ex VAT

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