Repairing and selling pre-owned is arguably the most profitable thing you can do with your machine, but what should you be thinking about to maximise your resale prices and local reputation?

Buying stock:

When buying back stock from the public, these factors should affect the price you should pay:

  • The condition of the disc and its case (if there is a case)
  • The age and current popularity of the title
  • The amount of stock you already hold of that title
  • Whether they plan to trade for credit or take cash

It is difficult for a busy high street store to keep up with the level of popularity of all titles out there; TDR recommends using Game Guide to accurately set prices. This system tracks the ‘real’ price of current games to give a competitive edge through realistic used prices.

Repairing for ease or profit:

When repairing your pre-owned, it is important to consider what is more important to your customers; imperfect looking discs that play but are cheap, or ‘like-new’ looking discs that cost a little more.

If you want to spend less time repairing and preparing your pre-owned, you may put less in but will get less profit. If you spend more on each repair and present the product more like a new title, then you can ask a higher price and will entertain customers looking for gifts that look like new as well as just a better looking pre-owned title.

Here at TDR we believe that the better looking pre-owned sell the best. We even supply a machine called the Repack-it which is adisc case over-wrapper capable of wrapping all popular disc cases in clear cellophane like when they were new. This cost just a few pence per case and can add significant perceived value to your pre-owned stock.

Pricing your stock:

As mentioned above, the Game Guide system is a tried and trusted way to remove the guesswork when setting your resale prices. Simply scan the barcode for an instant price. The database is updated once a month and is an affordable way to ensure a maximum (yet fair!) profit margin.

Whether you’re a seasoned pre-owned seller or just starting out, we hope we’ve given you some useful advice here. There’s plenty of life yet in trading discs, so best of luck to you!

Written by Anthony Golden