Simply cleaning your machine can double or triple its life span!

Our technical support team tell us that the customers with the lowest costs for their machines are the ones who spend a little time just keeping the machine clean.

The Problem:

Wet Machines:
The majority of disc repair machines repair using liquid abrasive polish and when this liquid dries it leaves a hard, crusty material on the inside surfaces of the machine. If this isn’t cleaned off it ends up back in the solution, which will wear the working parts of the machine and degrade the quality of repair.

Dry Machines:
The dry process machines aren’t free of cleanliness issues. The process creates a lot of dust and fluff, which can get into every working part of the machine and build up to such an extent that the motor and bearings can wear out much quicker than usual.

Even the outside of your machine should get a good clean on a regular basis. Dust, dirt, polish and grime can get into button openings, vents or hinges and cause damage to vital components.

The Solution:

Regular cleaning is extremely important for all disc repair machines and we believe you can even double the life of your machine by doing so. The machine is a valuable money-maker after all and should be looked after.

Most machines that are returned to us for repair are in a poor condition and we barely see any clean machines coming in – perhaps because they are still out there working away?!

So if you think your machine isn’t getting enough love, instigate a new daily cleaning practice today and double the life of your machine!

Good daily cleaning practices include:

  1. Clean the internal surfaces of the disc repair chamber with a damp cloth, being sure to remove all traces of polish.
  2. With wet machines, remove and gently clean the pads with water.
  3. Clean the outside of the machine with a damp cloth, then buff with a dry cloth.
  4. Clean the area around the machine because outside dirt can be transferred into the machine.

Check out our support section for more information surrounding your machine and if you need any more advice on cleaning your specific machine, don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support on 0800 412 5424.

Written by Anthony Golden