Disc repair is quite a niche market, but there is still a large selection of machines available, plus there are new ones coming out all the time.

So which is the best one?

The answer is…

…There is no ‘best machine’, simply the most suitable machine for you. Each machine in our range has specific areas in which it excels, such as ability to remove deep scratches, repair speed, repair cost or throughput. So to say one machine is better than another can be unfair depending on which aspect you’re looking at.

In an ideal world there would be a £100 machine that could remove deep scratches, leave a perfect finish, in 30 seconds or less for about 5p per disc and it could be run all day, every day with very little need for maintenance or user input. But there will probably never be a machine that can meet each of these specifications, so you have to choose one that has the characteristics you require.

If for instance you require repairing only about 10 discs per day maximum, and disc repair is only a small part of your business, then a £3,000 machine with all the bells and whistles is unnecessary, because the investment will be too high. It would be like buying a haulage truck to deliver a few pizzas locally.

If you operate a rental store where discs go out for a day or two and come back with just a few light marks, then you don’t want a deep grinding machine that takes 5 minutes per disc – you want to pop them in for 30 seconds a time and get on with your day – so a speedy buffing machine is the best machine for you. Whereas if you buy pre-owned games, you may find them to be deeply scratched which the buffing machine wouldn’t be able to repair.

So how do you decide which is the best machine for you?

Well if you already own a machine or two, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  1. How machine discs do/will I repair most days?
  2. Is repair time an important factor to me? (30s – 5min per disc)
  3. What is my maximum budget for purchasing a machine?
  4. What percentage of my discs have deep scratches?
  5. Is the size of the machine going to be a major issue?
  6. Does the machine need to be very quiet?
  7. Does it matter if there is a spot of polish spillage now and then?
  8. Do I mind wiping polish away from the disc after each repair?
  9. Would I pay a premium for a fully automated machine?

If you already own a machine and it does not satisfactorily answer these questions, then call us, we can do something about it. There is a ‘best machine’ out there for you if you don’t own it already!

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Written by Anthony Golden