The problem…

Our disc repair machines are impressive pieces of kit but they are not miracle workers!

The technology can only remove a thin layer of polycarbonate from a disc during each cycle. Whilst this is fine for the majority of discs, deep scratches require many layers to be removed to get to the bottom of the damage, meaning these repairs usually take a lot of time and often cost a lot of money in consumables.

Furthermore, in severe cases the cosmetic scratch may be removed but irreversible damage to the data remains. We class a deep scratch as anything that your fingernail would catch if you run your finger over the disc’s playing surface.

Why do these repairs tend to take so long?

Almost every current machine employs a gentle single-stage lapping process – mainly because it’s the simplest and cheapest approach for the majority of discs that have only light scratches.

The only commercial method of quickly removing layers from a disc is by using a rough sanding process. Doing so leaves a scuffed appearance to the playing surface, so progressively less abrasive stages are then needed until a good finish is achieved. The older multi-stage machines struggle to compete in usability, but the Eco Clever and Eco Master in particular excel here.

The brand new QuickSand joins them as the only other option for cost-effective deep scratch repair. The difference here is that it’s an add-on machine – you use the Quicksand as a pre-sander and then transfer your disc into any standard disc repair machine to remove the scuffed finish and leave it looking like new.

So what can I do about deep scratches?

Without extra expenditure, previously you would either need to be selective over which discs you can and can not buy/accept for repair or incur significant additional time and cost trying to repair them. Whether this is worthwhile would depend on the value of the title you are repairing: consider the resale value of a PS4 disc – or the priceless nature of a CD containing wedding photos – for example.

Which machine should I buy for deep scratch repairs?

The Eco Clever and fully-automated Eco Master are our best standalone machines that are capable of repairing light through to heavy damage cheaply and quickly. They both use the same automated multi-stage process, which employs different grades of abrasive pad. Despite being expensive to buy the outlay is quickly recouped as the running costs for medium and heavy damage are so impressive.

The new QuickSand system opens up deep scratch repair opportunities to every existing disc repair machine owner. You can use it to remove deep scratches in seconds and for pennies and then transfer the disc to any other machine to complete the repair.

With the Quicksand and Eco systems you can reduce your running costs considerably and free up time to concentrate on the running of your business!

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Written by Anthony Golden