Christmas, summer holidays, new game releases – how to prepare…

The busy times like Christmas, which is fast approaching, can be very profitable times of year as you well know.

So more than ever, it is important that you make sure your disc repair machine will we working throughout this important period.

Not using the machine correctly, or not looking after it properly, will end up costing you money that otherwise would be your Christmas bonus.

Servicing your machine:

b2ap3_thumbnail_scratch-free-spannerParts in the machines get worn, and eventually something will need replacing. Servicing is a necessary part of owning a machine, much like it is with a car.

Do you check your oil, water and tyres before going on a long trip? – Then why not check the disc repair machine is serviced before a busy period?

There are many things you can do yourself by checking your user guide to see how best to clean and check the vital areas of the machine.

If you have issues with your machine, we can service or repair any faults it may have. Many things can be fixed over the phone without your machine being sent to us.

Just call the 0800 412 5424 Technical Support number.

If it does need to come into us for service or repairs, it would only take a few days and in many cases can vastly improve both the repair quality and performance.

Any machine that is not working correctly could be costing you extra in consumables. You may not even have noticed this deterioration of the performance as it can happen very slowly – then one day the machine just fails completely and this can be costly.

The only way to be sure your faulty or tired machine is in the best condition is for it to be service and tested by our technical support team. They have the experience and expertise to know how your machine should be working and if necessary the means to test the repair performance.

To book a machine service, or just to ask how to service the machine yourself, call us on 0800 412 5424.

Get extra cons packs:

b2ap3_thumbnail_spare-pack-275_20130628-154808_1Another important thing to do is to ensure you have sufficient consumables for your machine.

We advise you increase your normal order so there is no chance you will run out at a vital time.

There may be a rush in business, or even snow delaying shipping – who knows what could happen.

We offer discounts for multiple items that will save you extra money in the long run.

Written by Anthony Golden