February 3, 2015 Machine News No Comments

The standard consumables pack for the Quicksand is now 100 minutes, rather than 250 minutes.

This change means that each pair of sanding pads now only needs to perform half the number of cycles before it’s disposed of, ensuring more consistent repairs.

How this affects you

The new pack will run on non-upgraded machines perfectly. The only difference is that your machine is configured for the indicator to show 250 minutes as 100%. So when you load the 100 minute chip onto the machine the indicator will only show 40% even though the chip is fresh.

To rectify this requires a simple software update. The machine will need to come back to us to do this, but don’t worry – we will cover all shipping costs. We’ll also give your machine a free check over and clean up while it’s here.

Click here to contact us to book your machine in for an update.

Written by Anthony Golden