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There’s a new development in the world of disc repair – the VMI Quicksand. This device pre-sands heavy scratches in a matter of seconds and for pennies, leaving just a quick spin in any disc repair machine to complete the repair. The Quicksand means it’s no longer necessary to turn away really badly damaged discs …

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After a successful 7 years the manufacturer has announced it will be discontinuing the VMI 3550 Buffer. We will continue to support the machine with all consumables and parts – it is just new machines that we will no longer be able to supply. The VMI Hybrid is the machine’s successor and is proving extremely …

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Disc repair is quite a niche market, but there is still a large selection of machines available, plus there are new ones coming out all the time. So which is the best one? The answer is… …There is no ‘best machine’, simply the most suitable machine for you. Each machine in our range has specific …

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