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  Further to his pre-Christmas news article, GAME Group CEO, Ian Shepherd, has revealed that more than half of GAME’s customers use trade-ins to fund purchases of new titles, and its pre-owned offer was a key driver in all company sales over the competitive Christmas period: “Around 50 to 60 per cent of the time, …

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After talks and trials, we recently won a nationwide contract with Asda to supply 235 of their stores with our best-selling disc repair machines. Following a successful trial of a trade in and pre-owned games service in 25 stores, Asda gave the go-ahead to supply the machines for the full roll-out. Asda’s service enables customers …

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MCV recently reported that trading damaged and used games has gone mainstream in the UK, with the number of outlets offering pre-owned increasing by 1000 stores in 2010. This increase is partly due to the fact that supermarkets like ASDA and Tesco are getting in on the action. Whilst some are fearful of the competition, …

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