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Eco Master

Exceptional repair quality, automated

The Eco Master is an automated disc repair machine capable of 300 daily repairs to the highest standard.

Place a stack of discs on the spindle and the machine will work through them by itself, repairing all of them and storing the details of what was repaired.

To ensure years of consistent performance we personally deliver and install this machine at your premises. We also offer full training to ensure that you get the best out of your machine. We charge £500 (plus VAT) for this service. Alternatively you can collect from us in Dorset and receive full training at our premises for no additional charge.

£12,500 ex VAT

Reconditioned Machines

xd master

Save money without losing quality

From time to time we get machines back in from part-exchanges or buy backs. These machines are fully reconditioned to an as-new condition and typically backed with a 6 month warranty.

These reconditioned units will display signs of use - such as scratches to the casing or signs of dried polish - but will operate in a similar way to a new machine. They represent a good way of saving money without compromising on repair quality!

from £7,995 ex VAT

The Consumables

Multi-stage pads and polish

The Eco Master uses revolutionery multi-stage pads and polish. Unlike historic multi-stage machines, it deals with the stage changes by itself in the turret - so you only press one button to complete a whole repair.

The consumables consist of repair polish, a water cooling compound and a series of repair pads.

There are five repair stages and a pad for each, plus there is a Blu-ray pad for the Blu-ray setting.

Stage 1-5 pads come in packs of ten, polish bottles, water bottles and Blu-ray pads are sold individually.

Buy With Confidence

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you decide that it is not right for you, we will refund you the full value of the machine.
Every new machine comes with 12 months warranty as standard, covering you in case anything goes wrong.
You can choose to extend your warranty if you wish to lock in the cost of maintaining the machine for the new 2 to 3 years.

In Summary

    • Quickest on the market for deep scratches
    • Robust and extremely reliable with no daily repair limits
    • Whisper-quiet repairs for all formats (including Blu-ray)
    • Each disc comes out clean and dry
    • Blu-ray functionality included (normally £250)
    • Average repair cost of 28p per disc
    • A series of alarm codes make troubleshooting simple
    • 1 Year warranty as standard (extendable)
    • 30 Day money back guarantee


£12,500 ex VAT

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