Get Some Discs Fixed

We have all experienced the disappointment of a CD skipping, a DVD stuttering or a Game failing to load. TDR can help you do something about it!

The all-too common problem

So one or more of your discs won’t play because there are scratches on the shiny surface – what do you do?

Rather than discard it, replace it, or keep it at the back of the cupboard in the vague hope it might once play again, simply have it repaired – most scratch damage can be completely removed.

Read the Basics of Disc Repair

Use our store locator

There are a few thousand disc repair outlets across the UK – from pawnbrokers to supermarkets – even libraries and schools.

Our FixMyDiscs website shows all the disc repair centres near to your postcode; alternatively you can choose an online service which is taken care of through the post.


Trade it in

Instead of repairing your used and scratched movies and games, you could consider trading them in with one of the many stores that offer trade-ins for cash or credit, even for damaged discs.

This way you can purchase some different, newer titles instead – The amount of cash or credit you will be offered differs from store to store and is based on the condition and demand for that title.

Most gaming stores offer this service if you ask at your local ones.

Find a Disc Trade-in Store

Become a repairer

If you have a large enough collection that outsourcing your disc repairs will not be economic, then you might consider buying your own professional machine.

On the other hand if you think you could earn money in your area by becoming a disc repairer, then you should take our disc repair tour and learn more about becoming a repairer.

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