Improve your disc repair experience

TDR can improve your setup and help you get even more from disc repair.

Repairs taking too long?

Do you spend a lot of time waiting for repairs to finish? If the speed of your machine is affecting your business, why not consider a newer, faster machine – or even a second machine to share the load.

Many of our customers benefit from a combination of machines to manage different levels of damage.

Talk to us to find out how to speed up your repair times.

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Struggling with deep scratches?

Deep scratches are the arch-enemy of disc repairers because they can take an inordinately long time to repair and sometimes not even be worth the effort or cost.

Fortunately there are a few machines which can help. The VMI QuickSand dramatically reduces the repair time and cost of deep scratches by pre-sanding away the heavy damage quickly, so your normal machine has an easier job to do.

The Eco Clever or Eco Master are self-contained units that handle deep scratches easily and economically.

Want more profit from your repaired discs?

Reducing your repair costs by investing in a more economical machine is the first way to improve profit, speak to us if you want to learn more.

A second is to increase the perceived value of your stock. Our popular Repack-It unit reseals cases in plastic wrap, leaving each one looking like new, enhancing the look and feel of the product and commanding a higher selling price.

It also protects your stock and allows you to offer a reliable returns policy on preowned titles that are still wrapped.

Are you Blu-ray capable?

Blu-ray discs have a hard coating, designed to protect from scratches, they can still get scratched, and being tougher material, it’s not as easy to repair.

The latest PS4 and Xbox One consoles also use the Blu-ray format and so being able to repair them is more important than ever – more and more of these discs will continue to pop up.

The good news is that the majority of our machines repair them – just contact us if you’d like assurances on any particular machine.

Machine on its last legs?

An ageing machine may well cost more in the long run to maintain than a new, more efficient replacement machine would cost.

Not to mention all the benefits from getting a newer, cleaner and more reliable machine!

View the range to see what suits your needs. For advice on improving your disc repair setup, why not start a conversation today.