What is Disc Repair?

A summary of what disc repair is all about and and how it can make, or save you money.

Make or save money

For retailers, it’s all about profit. Our machines transform used discs into titles that look and play like new again – they now play perfectly, which commands a higher resale price and exceeds customer expectations.

For other users it can save money on replacing damaged discs, maintain a valuable collection, or even salvage data that was thought to be lost.

There is also an environmental benefit to extending the life of plastic discs that otherwise find their way into landfill early.

How easy is it?

The process is simple: you put the disc in, press a button or two and the disc comes out repaired within a couple of minutes.

Our machines differ by their speed, cost per disc, recommended output, cleanliness and noise. As you might expect, the more expensive the machine is, the better each of these variables are.

Minimal training is required and our machines can be used in pretty much any environment.

Who repairs discs?

Our machines are used for various reasons by different businesses, organisations and individuals. These include:

  • High street retailers
  • Online traders
  • Exchange and pawn shops
  • Rental libraries and stores
  • DVD archive and police forensics
  • Private users with home collections

Which machine should I buy?

For some, price will be the major factor, but you must also consider output, running costs, cleanliness and speed.

There is no ‘best machine’, just the one that is best suited to your requirements, be that output, budget or business sector.

On our machines page, you can get a general overview of the difference between them to help you select which are suited to you. Then each machine page lists its full features.